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Potential Trade Targets for the Dallas Cowboys Ahead of the Deadline

After a disappointing game against the San Francisco 49ers, it’s evident that the Dallas Cowboys have some issues to address.

While one player might not entirely change their trajectory, they might see themselves closer to a Super Bowl than many believe. Here are some potential trade targets for the Cowboys:

Trade Target #1: LB Jordan Hicks The first name to consider is Minnesota Vikings LB Jordan Hicks. The Vikings are underperforming, and they just placed their best player on injured reserve.

With a record of 1-4, it might be time for them to trade valuable players for draft assets and regroup. Hicks has performed well this season with a strong overall defense grade, run defense grade, and coverage grade.

The proposed trade is a fourth-round pick for Jordan Hicks.

Trade Target #2: WR Courtland Sutton The Cowboys could use help at wide receiver.

Michael Gallup has struggled since returning from his ACL injury, and the team needs a contested catch receiver.

Courtland Sutton, a former SMU Mustang, could fit the bill. He excels in contested catches, and a trade for a second-round pick could bring him to Dallas.

Trade Target #3: Trade Michael Gallup for a Third-Round Pick After potentially acquiring Courtland Sutton, the Cowboys might not need both receivers.

They could consider trading Michael Gallup to a team like the Chiefs or Texans, both in need of an outside receiver.

The offer could be Gallup and a fifth-round pick for a third-rounder.

While no single player might completely turn the Cowboys’ season around, these trades could be steps toward building a better future.

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