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NFL Responds to Fights – Cowboys Fined for Hits on Chargers

During the Week 6 game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Chargers, a series of incidents involving unnecessary roughness has resulted in fines for Cowboys players.

Defensive end Dorance Armstrong, safety Markquese Bell, and safety Jayron Kearse have all been fined for their involvement in various incidents during the game.

Armstrong and Kearse will each pay a fine of $21,855, while Bell’s fine amounts to $4,681.

One of the incidents involved Jayron Kearse’s helmet-to-helmet tackle on Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert, which drew a 15-yard penalty during the game.

This specific play has been the subject of debate as Herbert initiated a slide while Kearse was already in the process of making the tackle.

The NFL has also announced its plans to crack down on fights that occurred before and during some games last week.

These altercations included a situation in which Cowboys defensive end Dante Fowler swung at the head of Chargers running back Austin Ekeler, knocking Ekeler’s helmet off.

Several Cowboys players were involved in similar altercations with Chargers players. Similar incidents occurred before the Week 6 game between the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers.

The NFL’s decision to address and penalize such fights emphasizes a commitment to maintaining the integrity and sportsmanship of the game.

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