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Micah Parsons Blasts Skip Bayless: ‘Hating A** MF’ After Criticism Following Playoff Loss

Following the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff elimination, sports commentator Skip Bayless drew the ire of star linebacker Micah Parsons with a critical comment about Parsons’ podcasting skills. Bayless sarcastically mentioned, “Can’t wait for Micah Parsons’ podcast tomorrow. That’s what he does best.”

Days later, Parsons, who evidently came across Bayless’ comment, launched a scathing response on social media. He accused Bayless of being a “hating a** mf” and called him out for hypocrisy, mentioning how Bayless had sought him for appearances on his show in the past.

Parsons further asserted that Bayless is a “fake a** Cowboys fan” and criticized him for being upset because Parsons declined to participate in his show. The linebacker’s fiery response gained attention, with fans awaiting a potential comeback from Bayless on his show.

The exchange adds another layer of drama to the Cowboys’ post-playoff discussions, with the team facing criticism and scrutiny from various angles, including high-profile commentators like Bayless.

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