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Detroit Lions Fans Set Noise Records at Ford Field, Reach 134.3 Decibels in Playoff Victory

Detroit Lions fans once again made their presence felt at Ford Field, setting new records for noise levels during the team’s divisional round playoff victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The decibel spike reached a peak of 134.3 as Lions quarterback Jared Goff knelt near the end of the game, surpassing the previous record of 133.6 set during player introductions in the wild-card round against the Los Angeles Rams.

This latest achievement adds to the remarkable atmosphere created by Lions fans throughout the season, with a previous high of 127.5 decibels recorded during the team’s home opener against the Seattle Seahawks. The intensity and passion displayed by the crowd have been integral to the Lions’ success, providing a significant home-field advantage.

The decibel level of 134.3 is equivalent to the noise generated by a jackhammer or firecrackers, highlighting the fervor and enthusiasm of Lions supporters. While the impressive noise levels contribute to the electric atmosphere at Ford Field, public health officials caution about the potential risk of hearing loss associated with prolonged exposure to decibel levels above 110.

Despite the health warnings, the Lions’ fan base continues to create an unparalleled environment, showcasing their unwavering support for the team as they make a historic playoff run.

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