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Comedian Heather McMahan’s Stand-Up Special ‘Son I Never Had’ to Debut on Netflix

Heather McMahan, known for hosting the popular Absolutely Not podcast on the Dear Media network, is set to premiere her first stand-up special, “Son I Never Had,” on Netflix on October 17.

The hourlong show is derived from her humorous “The Farewell Tour” material, which she performed across North America in 2021 and 2022.

In “Son I Never Had,” McMahan humorously explores her own life experiences, from personal hardships like the loss of her father shortly after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer to lighter topics like her childhood bowl-cut hairstyle.

The special offers an introductory glimpse into her life story for new audiences while also including references and inside jokes for her dedicated fan base.

After studying performing arts at the University of Mississippi, McMahan further honed her comedic skills at UCB Los Angeles and spent several years refining her stand-up comedy in both Los Angeles and New York.

She launched her podcast in 2019, which gained popularity during the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown, and her unique blend of humorous complaints with an underlying optimism resonated with listeners.

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By the time she embarked on her first tour, she was performing in large theaters in major cities, surpassing the typical debut venue.

McMahan also attempted to develop a pilot based on her life for Peacock over several years, but the streamer eventually declined the project.

This experience inspired her to independently produce her own special, which she self-taped under her Absolutely Not Productions banner before securing a deal with Netflix.

She wrote the show herself and enlisted her close friend and creative partner, Jen Zaborowski, to direct. Executive producers include Maggie Haskins and Chris Ketner.

Heather McMahan’s podcast intro aptly states, “We’re doing the most and the least at the same damn time,” embodying her unique comedic style, which combines humor and optimism.

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