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Exploring the Role of AI in Production and Post-Production at IBC: From Automation to Creative Assistance

During the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), leading companies like Avid, Adobe, and Blackmagic Design showcased AI-driven tools designed to assist creatives while addressing concerns about job displacement.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a major topic of discussion at the annual International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam.

Prominent Hollywood tech developers such as Avid, Adobe, and Blackmagic Design were present to highlight their AI-driven tools for creative professionals, emphasizing their role in fostering creativity rather than replacing jobs.

Avid CEO Jeff Rosica stated that AI can learn behaviors and automate processes, allowing editors to focus more on creative decisions. He introduced “Ada,” Avid’s AI-driven technology brand, which includes tools like ScriptSync AI and Media Composer PhraseFind AI, employing AI speech-to-text technology.

Blackmagic Design has incorporated a neural engine into its Resolve color grading and post-production software, offering AI-driven features like audio-to-text and face analysis.

Adobe showcased its Firefly generative AI tool available in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Startups like Strada also entered the AI landscape, developing cloud platforms with AI-enabled tools for production and post-production.

Strada’s CEO, Michael Cioni, highlighted the importance of knowing the source of AI content for licensing and copyright protection.

While AI’s potential for enhancing creativity and productivity was a central theme, industry professionals recognized the need for ethical considerations and guardrails.

The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity is working on standards to identify AI-altered content and indicate source material with “do not train” credentials.

Overall, industry experts believe AI can coexist harmoniously with content creators, providing assistance and flexibility while preserving the essential role of human creativity in storytelling and filmmaking.

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