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Pros and Cons of Lions Re-Signing Josh Reynolds


Playmaking Ability: Josh Reynolds has demonstrated his ability to make plays on the field consistently. Despite occasional drops, his overall track record as a playmaker is solid.

Consistent First Downs: In the 2023 season, Reynolds caught 32 passes for first downs out of his total 40 receptions. This reliability in moving the chains is valuable for sustaining offensive drives.

Explosive Plays: Reynolds contributed significantly with 17 catches for 20 yards or more, showcasing his capability to stretch the field and create explosive plays.

Rapport with Jared Goff: Reynolds shares a strong rapport with Lions quarterback Jared Goff, having played together in both Los Angeles and Detroit. This established chemistry and trust can enhance their on-field connection.


Limited Growth Potential: At 28 years old, Reynolds may have already reached his ceiling as a player. While he’s been successful in the NFL, there may not be much room for further growth or development.

Opportunity Cost: While Reynolds is a reliable option, the Lions may consider whether allocating funds to him prevents them from pursuing higher-ceiling players or younger talents who can offer similar production.


Considering Reynolds’ proven ability to contribute positively on the field, his familiarity with Jared Goff, and his knack for making crucial plays, re-signing him would be a sensible move for the Lions. While there may be other options available, Reynolds’ existing chemistry with Goff and his track record of reliability make him a valuable asset worth retaining. Unless the Lions identify a significantly superior alternative, bringing back Reynolds should be a priority for the team’s offseason plans.

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