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Surprise: Young & Restless’ Camryn Grimes Revisits a Beloved Role for the Holiday Season

Camryn Grimes is set to step back into a familiar role, reprising her delightful portrayal as Mrs. Claus in a new holiday special.

Last year, the two-time Daytime Emmy-winning actress, known for her role on The Young and the Restless, and her fiancé Brock Powell lent their voices to the animated movie Mickey Saves Christmas, embodying the beloved characters of Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Now, the dynamic duo is back to reprise their roles in a series of stop-motion shorts that continue the story from last year’s festive movie.

The shorts, featuring Mickey, Minnie, and their friends, including the endearing reindeer Jingle and Jolly, will first air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior on Monday, November 27. For those eager to catch the holiday magic, the content will be available on Disney+ starting Wednesday, November 29.

The episode titled “Slip N’ Sleigh” unfolds as Jingle and Jolly accidentally break Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve, prompting Mrs. Claus to step in and offer Santa an early present – a new sleigh to save the day.

Grimes and Powell’s chemistry and teamwork bring the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Claus to life in a heartwarming way, much like the characters they portray.

Powell expressed his admiration for Grimes, stating, “People who know Camryn’s work on Y&R will be astounded when they hear her as Mrs. Claus because it sounds nothing like [Mariah]. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are interesting characters because they are a team. Camryn and I very much are, too.”

Despite the age difference between Grimes and the character of Mrs. Claus, the actress effortlessly transforms her voice to embody the warmth and kindness associated with the iconic character.

Grimes explained, “In voiceover, it’s actually not that hard to add texture to your voice to sound old. I just wanted to bring kindness, warmth, and generosity to the part.”

Adding to the joy of the holiday season, Grimes and Powell have an extra special gift on the way – they are expecting their first child in December.

Grimes shared her excitement, saying, “I guess you can add mother to my resume.” As they look forward to the arrival of their bundle of joy, the couple can already envision a future where their Disney holiday movies become a cherished tradition for their growing family.

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