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Young & Restless Preview: Nov 20 – Aunt Jordan’s Cruelty Escalates, Jill Pitches Idea to Chance

On Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless (Y&R), Jill Abbott will seize the opportunity to catch up with Chance Chancellor at Crimson Lights.

As Chance contemplates a career change, leaning towards a safer path than his current position at the GCPD, Jill will be delighted at the prospect. She sees this as a chance for Chance to join the family business at Chancellor-Winters.

Jill will pitch the idea to Chance, emphasizing the benefits of working at Chancellor-Winters, where his life won’t be constantly in danger.

While considering Jill’s tempting offer, Chance will express the need to take some time to weigh his options. There may be other job offers on the horizon, and Chance wants to make an informed decision about his future.

Jill, however, sees this as an opportunity for Chance to provide much-needed support against potential threats like Mamie Johnson and Tucker McCall.

The ongoing feud with Mamie intensifies as Jill delays her confrontation, letting Nate Hastings make his return plea to Chancellor-Winters.

Meanwhile, at the lake house, Aunt Jordan’s cruelty escalates as she intentionally tries to drive Nikki Newman off the wagon.

With alcohol in her system, Nikki succumbs to the temptation and takes some swigs from the vodka bottle left by Claire Grace. Nikki is devastated by the loss of her sobriety, but her predicament becomes even more precarious.

Aunt Jordan, in cahoots with Claire, strategizes to prevent any last-minute changes of heart. Although Claire may express some guilt about their actions, Aunt Jordan remains steadfast in her belief that Nikki deserves the torment.

As Nikki’s family members, including the Newmans, prepare to arrive at the lake house, Aunt Jordan and Claire’s sinister plan inches closer to its next phase.

The Newman family will soon be shocked to discover Claire’s malevolent behavior and Aunt Jordan’s manipulative role in orchestrating the distressing events. The tension and drama in Genoa City are set to escalate as the truth unfolds.

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