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Bill Maher Delays Return of ‘Real Time’ Amid Writers Guild Negotiations

Bill Maher has postponed the return of his HBO show, “Real Time,” stating that he will hold off on production “for now” as negotiations between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) are set to resume.

Maher made the announcement on X (formerly Twitter), explaining that his decision to resume the show was initially driven by a perception that no progress was being made and that there was no end in sight to the writers’ strike.

However, with both sides agreeing to return to the negotiating table, Maher has chosen to delay the return of “Real Time” and expressed hope that a resolution can finally be reached.

On September 13, Maher had announced his intention to bring back his long-running HBO show without writers, citing the challenges faced by members of the show’s staff during the five-month-long writers’ strike.

He acknowledged the writers’ important concerns and sympathized with their issues but emphasized that others also faced problems and concerns.

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Under Maher’s plan, “Real Time” would have omitted an opening monologue, desk piece, “New Rules” segment, and any other prewritten material.

This decision drew criticism from the WGA, which expressed disappointment and pointed out that, as a WGA member, Maher was obligated to follow the strike rules and avoid performing any writing services.

The WGA found it challenging to envision how “Real Time” could continue without violating the WGA strike rules.

Bill Maher’s decision to delay the show’s return follows a similar reversal by several daytime talk shows, including CBS’ “The Talk” and syndicated programs hosted by Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Hudson.

These shows, which employ WGA writers, initially planned to proceed with their premieres but later opted to postpone production after facing criticism and scrutiny.

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