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Brad Holmes Confident Lions’ Success is Sustainable, Fires Back at Critics

After the Detroit Lions’ impressive 2024 season came to a close with a loss in the NFC Championship game, general manager Brad Holmes spoke out about the team’s future outlook, emphasizing that their success is not a one-time occurrence but rather the beginning of a sustained winning culture.

Holmes’ Assurances:

Addressing Lions fans, Holmes expressed confidence that the team’s success in the 2024 season is just the beginning of greater things to come. He dismissed any notion that their achievements were merely a stroke of luck or a fluke, emphasizing that their progress is the result of deliberate planning and execution.

Building a Sustainable Winner:

Holmes reiterated the organization’s commitment to building a sustainable winning culture in Detroit. He and head coach Dan Campbell have focused on constructing a team capable of contending year after year, rather than relying on short-term success or fleeting moments of brilliance.

Reflecting on Draft Decisions:

Holmes referenced the decision to draft Penei Sewell over a quarterback in a past draft as an example of the team’s strategic planning. Despite criticism at the time, the selection of Sewell has proven to be a wise move, with the offensive tackle emerging as one of the top players in the league.

Firing Back at Critics:

Holmes took a subtle jab at media pundits and critics who questioned the Lions’ draft choices and doubted their ability to succeed. He emphasized that the team’s decisions are based on a long-term vision and strategic planning, rather than succumbing to popular opinion or short-term fixes.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

With the foundation laid for sustained success, Holmes expressed optimism about the Lions’ prospects in the upcoming season. The team is poised to build upon their achievements and strive for even greater heights in 2024, fueled by a commitment to excellence and a culture of winning.


Holmes’ remarks reflect the Lions’ confidence in their direction and their belief in their ability to build a perennial contender. As they continue to progress and evolve, the Lions are determined to prove that their success is not a fleeting moment but rather the beginning of a new era of dominance in Detroit football.

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