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Mike McCarthy Joins Tom Landry as Only Coaches in Cowboys Franchise History

The Dallas Cowboys, under head coach Mike McCarthy, secured their third consecutive 7-3 start to a season after defeating their opponent on Sunday. This achievement, while not warranting a banner or parade, is notable in the context of the team’s recent history.

Before 2021, the Cowboys had managed to win seven of their first 10 games only six times throughout the entire century. McCarthy’s tenure has seen a significant uptick in this statistic, with the team achieving this mark three years in a row.

In accomplishing this feat for three consecutive seasons, McCarthy has joined an exclusive club in Cowboys franchise history, with only one other head coach achieving the same—legendary coach Tom Landry. While McCarthy’s impact is not being equated to Landry’s historic legacy, the consistent success under his leadership is evident.

The recent victory, marked by another blowout against an inferior opponent, reflects the Cowboys’ transformation into a team where winning is the norm. McCarthy’s influence has made the Cowboys a reliably competitive team, a remarkable achievement in the context of the franchise’s storied history.

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